That's Me!

Beautimour was actually founded in 2017 by Satrya and Dwi Priyatmoko in the town of Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia. But in the journey Dwi said he need to stop working on Beautimour for a while and focus on his carrer, so now Beautimour is running by a single person, Satrya.

Beautimour is an online web design agency that specializes in developing premium WordPress themes. We choose the name “Beautimour” because it is stand for Beautiful Glamour and we felt it reflected to our philosophy, Beauty Typography – Glamour Design. We believe that most people need simple yet effective and beautiful solutions for their online presence.

Creating a WordPress theme that works well for any business, loved by any age, and that improves over time, is not only our business – it’s our passion.

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